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A Sharpened View of Monads

As I waded through the functional paradise that is Haskell, there was always one concept that refused to let itself be understood. Hell, the mere mentioning of the word is enough to make my friends look away (well… that usually happens when I start talking about programming). Its name: Monads.

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Designing a Functional Rendering Pipeline

Well, it’s been ages since I last blogged anything. I feel ashamed… It’s been quite busy on my end. I’ve had plenty of projects to work on.

There’s a bright side to all this – I now have two more languages solidly under my belt! The first is C++, which is something I’ve only had really basic knowledge on up until now. I’ve been neglecting it mostly because it sucks, but it’s become a lot easier to stand now that the new version is finalized. Glory be to lambdas on high!

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