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I’m Alive! (Or, the Game of Life in F#)

Things have been pretty busy lately. Over the summer, I got my first job working as a programmer. A little over a month ago, I began attending university (first year). While the experiences thus far have been excellent on both counts, there have been a couple unfortunate downsides:

  1. I’ve barely had any time to blog. Not such an issue, since my writing sucks anyway ­čÖé
  2. I’ve had absolutely┬áno time to sit down and write a game (!!!)

Surely I can’t be┬áthat busy… can I? There’s another reason: I’ve become totally addicted to functional programming. Continue reading


Caching Sequences: Quick and Dirty

In F# we have this wonderful Seq.cache function which allows us to cache the results of a Seq object (also known as IEnumerable). Unfortunately, C# has no such function, and implementing it yourself usually involves implementing an extra class to hold the data.

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