I was digging through my old desktop, checking to see if there was anything worth saving before I wiped it and installed a shiny new copy of Windows 7. I found an old… poem. I think. It was years ago. Years.

Given that I can’t even remember or figure out what it’s about (probably about computers, me being me), I feel detached enough from it that I won’t feel embarrassed posting it on-line. So here we go:


Rest upon a mockery; A false sketchboard of life,
Created by inhuman hands,
But not the hands of god.

From synthesis, to synthesize,
False life to create further deception,
To reflect the basis of us who live.

The paths through which they travel,
Are a false metal.

And yet...


I’ve got some interesting stuff in the works. I’ll make a useful blog post soon 🙂



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