InventoryMan v1.0 Released on Codeplex

A couple posts ago, I mentioned that I had been spending a lot of time working with C++. Why was I spending so much time with a language I hate love so dearly? Simple.

School Project

Given that Grade 12 Computer Science is way too easy for me, my teacher let me do what the Grade 13/OAC students used to do before it got dumped: design a program for an actual client.

Of course, I had to go out and find one myself. Luckily, my band teacher wanted a program to keep track of who had signed out what instruments. And so it began.

A couple months later (which is many months longer than it should have taken due to laziness and unfamiliarity with the language) I finally finished the product. There are still a couple things I want to add, but right now it’s in a usable state.

The whole thing evolved from being designed to manage instruments to being something more general. As such, it’s usable for anything: instruments, textbooks, etc.

Anyways, I posted the entire thing at



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